Mark Anthony Jacobson


Mark Anthony Jacobson is a widely-collected Shamanic Artist of the Woodland Art Movement, currently working and living in British Columbia. Born in Ontario of Ojibway and Swedish heritage. Β He includes traditional symbolism carrying powerful meanings within the subject matter of his paintings.

“It is this language of the spirit that I try to communicate in the images I create, our relationships with the animals, with the birds, with the fish and all of humanity. It is the experience of my ancestors that have inspired the stories and legends of the Ojibway people.”

Jacobson was the last person to have a joint exhibition with the legendary Aboriginal artist Norval Morrisseau, a member of the Order of Canada who was known as the β€œPicasso of the North.” Morrisseau founded the Woodland style of painting, which revitalized traditional Ahnisnabae icons and inspired three generations of artistsβ€”Jacobson included.

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