Ricky Schaede


Ricky Schaede is a self-taught, Canadian artist born in Brampton, Ontario.   His studio is located in Orangeville, Ontario.  

Schaede’s artwork is rooted in a love for animals, nature, and fantasy.  Working primarily with oils and acrylics, his paintings usually focus around a central character, and often include cosmic elements, landscapes, and a cast of supporting characters to create a storybook feeling.  Ricky found his voice as a visual artist upon returning home from a series of sacred fire ceremonies in Guatemala.  He has studied the Mische Technique, an early renaissance technique considered to be a sacred treasure, infusing paintings with ‘an inner light’. 

Schaede has exhibited his work internationally, has been featured in publications, won multiple awards, and has sold pieces to collectors in Ontario and Quebec.  His work continues to evolve and expand as he gains technical knowledge and skill, as well as life experience and wisdom. 

Ricky loves working on pet portraits.  Please inquire for commissions.