“Flight”, by Andrea Maguire

Earlier this spring during a trip to the Toronto Art Expo, I fell in love with the works of Andrea Maguire, an artist living and working in Toronto. She was situated in one of the last aisles on my way out the door.  I stood awestruck, almost paralyzed in front of one piece in particular, ‘Flight’.   The raw expressiveness and layering in this piece made me feel like I was the one in that painting.  I suppose I was still feeling a bit ‘raw’ myself.

To justify my purchase – as if I needed justification – I told myself it was my divorce present to myself.  It did for me what I feel all great works should do and that is to evoke, invoke and provoke.  I loved it.  It was appropriately titled (which had nothing to do with it, but made for good reasoning to me).  I felt so much a part of this painting, that I forgot to ask how much it costs, but said to the woman manning the booth (later to find out it was Andrea), ‘I’ll take it!”

I am somewhat of a collector, but that doesn’t mean that I can always afford to purchase outright. For many of us, the only way to own a beautiful piece of work is to work out an instalment plan. Ask the artist or the gallery from whom you’re purchasing; you’ve got nothing to lose and possibly a work of art that you love to gain.  Thankfully, Andrea allowed me to do just that.

I was so enamoured with her work, I asked if she would exhibit with us, to which she agreed.  I now have ‘Flight’ showing proudly in a prominent place in my home.


Written by Teresa Rodrigues Brownell,
Gallerist, Critic, Artist, Collector, Founder of Rodrigues Contemporary