Steven Volpe – Behind the Magic Curtain,
A Rodrigues Contemporary Debut

Unconventional times allow for informal online exhibition
that invites audience to an intimate artist experience.


Rodrigues Contemporary’s debut exhibition, featuring the work of internationally lauded artist, Steven Volpe, creates an online experience that satiates the art lover’s appetite for tangibility. Online galleries have been attempting to recreate the in-person exhibition experience since the dawn of the internet. Today’s COVID-motivated reality makes it a necessity for gallery owners and art collectors alike.

The work of Steven Volpe in Behind the Magic Curtain is rare in that it bridges the gap that usually occurs between viewing art in person and online. Alongside his work, Volpe generously offers up an in-depth narrative, photos and sketches that, when viewed in the comfort of one’s home, offers a personal experience allowing for reflection that takes more time and space than a traditional gallery experience.  In this way, the usually predictable nature of online exhibitions is disrupted, and the art enthusiast feels like he is walking away with a deep dive into the creative process.

Volpe, an Ontario-born artist, has been exhibiting since 1989 and is recognized internationally as an accomplished contemporary realist. His fans note that his ability lies in his capacity to capture seemingly ordinary moments which, upon further inspection, offer a deeper insight into the human experience.

Volpe encourages his audience to create their own narrative from the moments he captures on canvas. In this way, the medium is truly the message with Behind the Magic Curtain as it offers the space necessary for the audience to create their own interpretation of Volpe’s vision. Come, take your time and get lost in the process.

Behind the Magic Curtain runs from October 15 to November 26, 2020 online at Rodrigues Contemporary ( and is the first in a series of virtual exhibitions offered.

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